Thursday 20 October 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich features that Google missed to mention at launch event.

When Google announced Ice Cream Sandwich this morning, it failed to mention several features of this Android release that many of you will surely like a lot. Android Engineer Dan Morill highlighted some of these features on Google+, other were identified from the SDK.

Updated Settings:

Settings menu has been revamped and it is now easier than ever to find the setting that you are looking for.

Disabling Apps:

If you can’t uninstall an app, you can always disable it in ICS. Android 4.0 adds the ability to disable an app and it will never run and its launcher icon is gone until you re-enable it.

Improved Download Manager:

Support for Encryption in Phones:

Full device encryption that was a part of Honeycomb is now available in phones.

Audio Effects: New effects API.

Support for WebM streaming, MKVs:

Android 4.0 natively supports the playback of MKV files as well as streaming of Googe’s WebM video format.

Hardware Acceleration:

Android will finally have Hardware acceleration in ICS. It will allow for a super smooth user experience, better graphic performance, and better responsiveness within apps.

Indic fonts:

Indic fonts (Devanagari, Bengali and Tamil) support in WebView and stock browser. No need to download other browsers just to view Hindi webpages.

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