Friday 21 October 2011

Gmail's getting a makeover.

A new version of Gmail seems to be coming soon according to a video that was accidentally posted to YouTube and has been since made private. Jason Cornwell, the user experience designer for Gmail demonstrates the new version in the video that was posted to Google's YouTube channel. Even though the video's been removed from public viewing, it's already made the rounds of reposting (you can watch it below).

Cornwell says in the video, "We’ve been hard at work to update Gmail with a new look." Some new features you can expect in the new Gmail include the email interfact dynamically expanding to fit in any size window. You will also be able to adjust the size of labels and chat areas. Email threads will resemble chat conversations as you would see in Instant Messaging or Google+ conversations. Profile pictures will be included in these email threads. They've also added new themes which are high resolution.

Google previewed its Gmail update back in July. The update is part of a promise that Google made after releasing Google+ to update all of its web products.

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