Monday 24 October 2011

Google+ got 40 million users in less time than Facebook.

Google+ has crossed the 40 million user mark and keep in mind that this service was launched in June of this year. The service, as you remember, was not public when it started, Google opened its doors only in September. Facebook, which was launched in 2004, took 3 years to cross the 25 million mark and crossed the 50 million mark in October 2007. The large interest which these numbers reflect on consumer behaviour have encouraged Google to make trial services available to its users as a part of the social networking site.

While these numbers may reflect Google's victory over Facebook, of course, the environments in which these social networks were launched in have to be considered. Facebook launched at a time when really the only major social network that was out there was MySpace. Which really wasn't all that and a bag of chips. Facebook not only had to integrate itself but also had to integrate the concept of 'social networking' to its users. Google+ comes at a time when social networking is such a big part of our everyday existence that it's hard to imagine our phones and computers not being used for the purpose. In other words, Google+ had its work done for it. Now let's see how well their 40 million users stick.

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