Sunday 16 October 2011

LimitYourCallPro: Cut Long Calls Short & Save Money (for Android).

If you are one of the many mobile phone users who complain about their massive phone bills and swear to save, only to find a similar bill next month, then you need an external force to cut your long and unnecessary calls short. If you have Android then Limit Your Call Pro is a nice free app to help you with that. You can set a time limit and have your calls auto end once you cross that limit. There’s also the option to get notified through vibration, sounds or status bar notification, when you lose track of time during a call.

Overall, the app is definitely a useful one for mobile phone addicts. I have yet to come across any other app that as effectively implements call monitoring and restriction as Limit Your Call Pro.


1.> Limit your lengthy calls.
2.> Auto end option available.
3.> Android app, free for those having Android phones.

Download Limit Your Call Pro from here @ Android Market

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