Sunday 23 October 2011

Evernote for BlackBerry gets updated.

It’s been a while since Evernote for BlackBerry received some polishing and now, BlackBerry owners (OS 5+) have a new Evernote application.

Here are the features of the same:

First launch:

The first thing that happens when you launch the updated app is a sync. This sync pulls down thumbnails and some information about your notes: titles, tags, etc. Doing this allows you to browse through your note list, even when you’re offline.

Faster loading:

Now that more note content is stored on the device, browsing and opening notes is quicker. The BlackBerry app doesn’t request information from the service anymore.

Create notes without a network connection:

The new Evernote for BlackBerry lets you create new notes with text, audio and photos, whenever you like. These notes are pinned to the top of your note list in a pending state until you get onto a network, at which point they will sync into your account. You can even edit the pending notes, if you need to.

View notes offline:

Whenever you create a note, or view the note, it will be stored locally on your device. This means that you won’t need a network connection in order to view the note later. If the note has an attached file, say a PDF, you’ll first need to view the file while you have a network connection before it becomes available offline.

The Evernote App can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World.

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