Thursday 20 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets priced at £429, roughly Rs. 33,462.

After the specifications of the Galaxy Nexus have been officially released, details about the phone’s pricing have surfaced on websites online. On a site named Clove Technology, which is a gadget website in the UK, the Galaxy Nexus is priced at £429. This price roughly translates to around Rs. 33,462. Naturally, this price is just a rough conversion of the price in GBP and it’s safe to say that, as an estimate, the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be a minimum of Rs. 33,462. It might even be a few thousands more than that. Also, the website states that the £429 price is excluding taxes so, be prepared to load your wallet with some extra dough.

The Galaxy Nexus is touted to be the device that Samsung has put forward to compete with the iPhone 4S. As the pricing for the iPhone 4S for Indian shores hasn’t been officially disclosed either, there’s a chance that the phone will be priced upwards of 30,565. There are chances of an over the top pricing as well. Yes indeed, something big has come, and it’s going to burn a massive hole in your wallet. Now that the apparent pricing has been out, which device do you think makes more sense to buy - the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy Nexus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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