Wednesday 19 October 2011

Milagrow unveils the world’s first ‘TabTop’ PC.

Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions, India’s leading provider of tech-enabled solutions for growing businesses, launched the World’s first TabTop PC at an event held in New Delhi earlier today.

Powered by a 1.2 GHz A2918 cortex processor and 1GB DDRAM, the Milagrow TabTop PC is a smartly-built, full-featured, fully loaded, fast and portable device that offers every feature a professional may need in today’s tech savvy business environment.

“Milagrow TabTop PC redefines what the tablet experience should be. Extensive research for more than 18 months went into making this tablet far superior to even the more premium priced tablet players. These TabTops is the perfect alternative to a desktop, laptop or other tablets for all your computing, information, networking and entertainment needs,” said Rajeev Karwal, Founder & CEO, Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions.

The Milagrow TabTop PC comes armed with built-in 3G module, compatible with most Indian 3G providers, direct ports in terms of USB host, Full USB, HDMI, SD card, 8 computer-5 device wifi modem capability, 1080 Full HD, Adobe flash 11, mult-touch-A+ grade-LED backlit-Capacitive-4:3 screen, WiFi-Bluetooth-LAN capability, multi task and 10+ hours of battery life (5000 mAh).

“Most tablet makers unfortunately are concentrating on making cheaper, compromised devices which will neither sell nor solve the huge latent need amongst professionals,” Karwal added.

These TabTops come with over 50 pre-loaded applications for Productivity, Utility, Networking, Media, Education, Women, Medical, Finance etc thus making them the most powerful, fully loaded tablets ever to be launched for the Indian market,” said Karwal.

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