Wednesday 19 October 2011

iPhone 4S apparent Indian pricing too high.

Apple have recently released their latest iPhone in a few countries across the world. The last iPhone was similarly priced to the 4S. As of now there is no official word on the price or availability in India. However, according to a report by, they have come across a site that is selling the latest iPhone at a price that would make one’s heart skip more than a couple of beats.

The online shopping site that is selling the iPhone 4S in India retails the 16GB version for Rs. 41,850. This is really high for the base model. The 32GB iPhone 4 sells at a maximum retail price of Rs. 40,900 making the lowest variant of the newest iPhone nearly Rs. 1,000 more. The online retailer is selling the iPhone 4S 32GB for Rs. 50,250 while the 64GB version sells for Rs. 58,650. The site is also offering free shipping and an estimated delivery time of 'within 4 weeks'.

There is no official word from Apple yet if the iPhone 4S will sell in India for the above mentioned prices. However, it is believed that India would be featured in the third wave of the iPhone 4S launch. Let us know your reactions on this pricing of the Apple iPhone 4S in India. And would you buy it at this price?

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