Monday 17 October 2011

Star PLUS Launches iOS App.

STAR Plus has announced the launch of its app for the iPhone and iPad to become India's first GEC to make an entry into the iOS market. The app will provide iDevice users, entertainment on the go in India and over 120 countries around the world. Users can access their favourite shows as per their convenience.

STAR India COO, Sanjay Gupta has said that the app will cater to the upwardly mobile viewers to watch their best loved programs on the iPhone and iPad. Lalit Bhagia, VP Digital of STAR India said, "The iPhone and iPad devices have changed the way people consume content globally. With the STAR Plus app discerning viewers will now have access to the best entertainment content available on their personal iPhone and iPads. The app allows users not just a great video experience, but also gives details on show schedules, news and updates on their favourite show characters through daily audio blogs".

Users will be able to access unique features such as live TV, catch up with missed episodes of last two days, updates, news from STAR Plus, current and upcoming shows, etc. Users can also browse content either by the show or by the characters. The application has been launched only a little while after the company announced global same-day telecast of its flagship GEC brand in India, STAR Plus with English subtitles.

You can purchase and download the iPhone app from and the iPad app from, available for $0.99 (Rs 49). The app is optimised for Wi-Fi as well as 3G and requires at least iOS 3.0.

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