Tuesday 18 October 2011

Intel, Croma launch Anti-Theft service for laptops in India.

Infiniti Retail Ltd., the mind behind one of India’s popular consumer electronics mega store chains, Croma, announced the launch of a security accompaniment for laptops, yesterday, together with Intel. Called Intel Anti-Theft Service, the software, Infiniti Retail claims, uses the Anti-Theft technology to secure and safeguard laptops if they go missing, or get stolen. The software essentially would be built into the laptop’s hardware. Once set up within, Infiniti adds that the software will plainly lock down the laptop if the user ends up misplacing it. Additionally, the software, it is learnt, would also create a secure data vault service on activation. A secure data vault, claims Infiniti, would encrypt private files of the user and store them.

It is further learnt that the Anti-Theft service works on the premise of an intelligent hardware, which locks down a stolen laptop. Interestingly, the announcement states that the software will work on a stolen laptop, even if the thief ends up reimaging the hard drive, installing a new one, changing the boot order or staying away from connecting to any network. The aforementioned secure data vault created on the user’s hard drive would basically create a secure area for all the sensitive information the user has on his/her laptop. During a lock-down, this secure vault gets locked too and with it access to the secure data in the vault gets locked. This information, during a lock-down cannot be accessed even if someone attaches the hard drive into some other laptop, claims Infiniti Retail.

The announcement further adds that anyone who walks into any Croma store and buys a laptop powered by Intel’s 2nd generation core processors will be offered this service, which is essentially a paid one. The Intel Anti-Theft service, according to an official announcement is available exclusively for retail only at Croma outlets.

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