Sunday 13 October 2013

Instamail: E-mail More Than Five Photos At Once With iOS

iOS devices are the kings of usability, but it is still frustrating when simple tasks that you expect to work just don’t. One glaring example is when you can only attach up to five images to your e-mail. Surely, this does not work if you want to e-mail a lot of pictures. Thankfully, we have Instamail Photo to solve this very problem.

Instamail Photo is surprisingly simple. When you need to e-mail photos, just fire up the app to get to your photo library. You can then select the photos that you want to share then click send. Enter the recipient’s e-mail and you’re done.

To make the app to work, you will need to activate location services, and have your e-mail account on the device configured.


  • E-mail more than five pictures at once using your iOS device.
  • Simple and quick interface.
  • Configure mail and location services for app to work.
  • Free for a limited period.

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