Monday 7 October 2013

Android devices with FIDO-compliant fingerprint sensors coming in early-2014: Report

The recent launch of Touch ID as a part of Apple iPhone 5S has started another race in the smart devices world – Bio-metric Security. Apple might have a slight advantage in the new wave of smartphones with bio-metric security but Android devices are not much behind.

While, it is not new to find fingerprint sensors in Android smartphones, the previous attempts haven’t seen much traction but that is going to change in the next six months. According to a report in USA Today, the FIDO Alliance – a group of 48 companies looking to develop bio-metric technology to eliminate the use of passwords – is working with select Android manufacturers to bring the first FIDO-equipped Android devices in early 2014.

The FIDO deployment won’t be just limited to devices; the alliance is also working with service providers like Paypal, so that there is participation from all key players.

“The intention of FIDO is absolutely that it will allow consumers to have access to mobile services that they can use with very low friction, while keeping good security,” Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance told USA Today.

According to FIDO Alliance website, companies like Google, Lenovo and LG, which are also key players in Android arena, are part of FIDO Alliance.  If things go well enough, we could even expect native integration of FIDO technology in one of the future Android versions.

Image Credit: CultofMac

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