Tuesday 2 April 2013

Unassoc: Remove File Associations Easily [Windows]

Dealing with specific file types is a pain to do in Windows. It may start easily enough with a few programs and files, but it becomes more complicated as each new program is installed. Sometimes, viruses come in and add even more file associations. Before you know it, you have file types where you don’t know what it does, opened by programs that you never knew were there.

Unassoc is a portable desktop app that resets your file associations easily for a cleaner desktop experience.

Removing file associations in Windows is possible, but very clunky. It involves mucking with the command terminal. But with Unassoc, you just need to start up the app, choose the file type, and then click to remove the file association. You can also delete file types you don’t know or need.

Unassoc is one of the niftiest tools you will need if you want to have a cleaner Windows desktop. Once you have cleaned up your file associations, you should have a faster, more streamlined experience in your Windows PC.


  • Quickly remove file associations in Windows.
  • Delete file types.
  • Portable Windows app.
  • Makes your Windows computing experience faster.

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