Monday 1 April 2013

SnapPea Chrome extension for Android now available

Now sync pictures of your PC and Android device using SnapPea Chrome extension.

After rolling out its wireless sync manager for Android, SnapPea has now rolled out desktop sync software for Google Chrome web browser.

The application, called SnapPea Photos Beta for Chrome, is currently in its beta version and is available for free. It can be installed on any operating system or computer capable of installing Google Chrome browser.

The SnapPea Photos application, once installed on the Chrome web browser, seamlessly integrates with the Android device of the user and allows the user to sync and manage images between the device and the computer while offering the same wire free connectivity as the native application.

The SnapPea Chrome extension verifies the Android device's network connection with the use of a PIN that the device generates. Once the pin is entered, the Android smartphone or tablet starts transmitting data to the web browser that can be used to access the pictures on the PC. Users then can easily manage and even delete or download pictures form the device right through the extension.

It is to be noted that SnapPea works something like WiFi Direct and hence both the Android device and the PC needs to be connected to the same WiFi network as SnapPea does not work over internet.

To get a copy of the software users can visit the SnapPea website or Chrome app store to get the extension or their browser.

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