Sunday, 7 April 2013

PhoneTrans: Transfer Music Files Between Your Computer & Apple Device Without iTunes [iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch]

PhoneTrans offers an alternative to iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users by letting them transfer music files to and from their computers to their Apple devices. What makes it convenient to use is that in the entire music transferring process, it does not need to make use of iTunes. The service allows you to add, delete or create backups of your music files.

PhoneTrans supports all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, making it a versatile software. Additionally, it does not comply with the limits that iTunes puts on users.

Apart from music files, PhoneTrans can also be used to transfer and recover video files (movies and TV programs), podcasts, ringtones for your iPhone and even eBooks.

Compatible with both iOS (versions 5.1 and 6) and Windows (XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8).
Supports almost every media file format.
The Pro version (available for $29.99) allows direct transfers through a wifi connection.
Requires you to simply drag and drop the files.

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