Tuesday 16 April 2013

Nokia Patent reveals a tablet with attached keyboard, cover

Patent filing shows a tablet and keyboard integrated in a cover such a way that several foldable options are available.

Nokia has been rumored of working on a Windows 8 based tablet. However, the company is now seems to be working on a tablet with attached keyboard and foldable cover. The UnwiredView claimed to have spotted Nokia's patent application for "Apparatus Cover with Keyboard” and the patent describes the mechanical keyboard that fits as if integrated with the tablet to the cover.

So basically the tablet and the keyboard can be folded into multiple ways as required. From the looks of it, the tablet and the keyboard can be used together or individually. The images illustrate the different ways of folding the cover.

The patent was filed in October 2011 and that was just after Nokia announced its strategic partnership with Microsoft over Windows Phone platform.

Majority of the tablets available today, especially in India, have same design and similar form factor. This novel design might act as a good break from those tablets but the only worry would be the price point.

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