Saturday 6 April 2013

Google allows apps to save data on Google Drive

Developers would be able to choose specific files that can be stored on cloud rather than on devices.

Google, which has been releasing new features every day for Android devices, has now allowed applications to store their data on its cloud storage - the Google Drive.

Google has in this regard launched an API (Application Programming Interface) for the app developers which will enable them to optimise their Android apps to save data on the cloud storage rather than on the system's storage.

The application would be able to save portion or most of the data as per need on the cloud storage and when the need be they will access it from the cloud storage itself. Users on the other hand would not be able to see what the applications are saving on the cloud storage but would get to know how much data is being stored online as it will be deducted from the allowed space, which by default is 5 GB per user.

The system has been put in place by Google and is just a matter of time before we actually get to see how well developers use this.

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