Monday 3 October 2011

Vodafone's German site has iPhone 4S proof

Apple announcing the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5 showed up on Vodafone Germany's website. You don't have to know German to see that they're selling bumpers for iPhones (including an 8GB iPhone *hint hint*) as well as various versions of the iPhone 4S.

Those of you who can’t wait for tomorrow, when Apple officially announces the next iPhone, here is another little rumour that has surfaced. Apple is being expected to be launching two handsets at their media event at Cupertino on the 4th of October 2011. One is the iPhone 5 and the other is the slightly lower end iPhone 4S. According to a report by tech website Gizmodo, they somehow managed to get an image of the iPhone 4S.

At first glance, this handset looks a lot like the current iPhone 4, but this is hardly a shocker as the iPhone 4S is rumoured to resemble the current generation handset from Apple. But, the interesting bit is that the model number of this handset reads N90A and not N90, which is the model number of the iPhone 4. The report states that they managed to acquire this image by entering the new Foxconn plant in Brazil. However, this bunch of handsets will not be available in the market, just yet as they don’t meet Apple’s manufacturing standards and have hence been disqualified. The Editor-in-Chief of Gizmodo Brazil states that he wasn’t really sure why these handsets were disqualified, but says it is something regarding the lens.

The N90A has been widely rumoured to be the iPhone 4S and by this bit of information, the rumour as of now holds true. That being said, we hope Apple announces a cheaper version of the iPhone by tomorrow along with the iPhone 5.

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