Saturday 8 October 2011

Symbian Belle to come to Nokia devices on October 26.

Symbian Belle is slated to roll-out on October 26, that’s a few weeks from now. As reported by GSMArena, the Nokia phones that have already got the Anna update along with those that will have it out of the box, can be updated to Symbian Belle from October 26th, onwards. Updates can be downloaded to the Nokia phones by either using Ovi Suite, or over the air. The release date coincides with the Nokia World 2011 and hence, there’s quite a bit of surety that the launch date isn’t false.

A video of what’s in store with Symbian Belle can be viewed below.

This October each and every mobile phone manufacturer has gone all guns blazing with their best products. Be it Apple’s iPhone 4S or the upcoming Google Nexus Prime. Google and Apple, both have their own set of followers and these phones are expected to be bought by a vast number of people, but questions still linger over Nokia’s Symbian Belle and WP7 devices. Do you think Nokia devices can withstand this storm and hold their own with their latest offering? Let us know in the comments section below.

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