Monday 10 October 2011

Replacement warranty on Aakash makes it costlier by $14.

If a report, which appeared in the Economic Times, is anything to go by then an ordinary replacement warranty, which comes included with the Aakash tablet, is actually making the tablet costlier by a good $14. It is being learnt that while the production costs alone of the tablet comes to roughly less than $35 (around Rs.1,750), adding a replacement warranty to it is taking the price all the way up to $49.98 per unit, which while still is the lowest around, makes it less desirable.The government, according to the above mentioned source had instructed the manufacturing company, Datawind that if any customer comes back with complaints or any defects in the tablet within the first year; the company shouldn’t repair it, but replace it. Considering the humid climate in India, the instances of defect would be high.

Reportedly, the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NME-ICT), in a bid to instill transparency into the whole process handed over the task of testing the devices to the students of IIT-Rajasthan based on the design of the product. The institute managed to get the lowest possible production price for the 'dream tablet'. These costs, as per the report included components, material and manufacturing costs. All this with taxes, levies, and charges like freight and insurance, servicing and documentation, among others take the price upto the above mentioned $49.98 per unit.

So, while the Aakash tablet will reel under added costs owing to the replacement warranty, Ubislate, which is the retail version will come with only a 30-day replacement warranty.

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