Saturday 1 October 2011

iPhone Users Are Happier Than Android Users

A Nielsen survey carried out in Britain has stated that iPhone users are happier than those who use Android phones. While the report revealed that more UK consumers opted for Android smartphones in the past six months, it also revealed that 86 percent of iPhone users were "highly satisfied" than the average smartphone owner (72 percent).

Apple iOS phone users were also found to spend a lot more on voice and data usage than their Android counterparts. Only 24 percent of Android users spend more than GBP 30 (Rs 2310 approx) per month as compared to 61 percent of iPhone users. Over 40 percent iPhone owners paid to download apps every month as against 15 percent of Android owners.

Over the past six months, Android phones have accounted for 44 percent of purchases, as compared to 25 for Blackberry, 18 for Apple iOS, and 7 for Nokia's Symbian. The analytics company has stated that as far as the smartphone operating systems are concerned, the momentum is with Android at the moment. That being said, it said that it is still too close to call between Android and Apple iOS, with RIM and Symbian not too far behind.

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