Tuesday 4 October 2011

Apple gearing up to announce next-gen iPhone tonight.

It’s that time of the year again where not just the Apple fans but the entire mobile using community sits in high anticipation for the Cupertino company to unveil their new iPhone. Starting tonight at approximately 10.30pm IST, Apple’s newly appointed CEO, Tim Cook will take center stage to announce the latest developments in their mobile range.

What we can expect is of course the iPhone 5 or 4S (the name is still a bit unclear) and possibly the new iPhone 4 (8GB). What we’re also expecting to see is the new range of iPods. It's about time. The previous generation, although innovative as they were, in Apple-time, are now quite outdated. We’re curious to see if Cook will of course deliver on the multimedia front as well. iOS 5 should also be on the cards tonight.

The iPhone 4 made a rather late debut into the Indian mobile scene and this could be a problem for current owners looking to upgrade since it’s just a 4 month old product, and not cheap either. It’s more or less a given that Vodafone, Aircel and Airtel would be getting the next gen model here at some point but “when” is a real mystery. Will we have to wait a whole year again before we see the new model? Let’s hope not.

Another question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is – will good old Steve Jobs be making an appearance at the big event? Word is that it’s possible he just might make a cameo appearance which is sure to drive the spectators wild, but let’s wait and see.

stay tuned for coverage of tonight’s event and announcements.

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