Saturday 8 October 2011

App uses 'hot men' to spread breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer, as popularly believed, is not just a condition that affects women. While the number of cases for men is significantly lower than women, in 2010, about 1970 new cases of breast cancer in men were expected. Since the best way to fight breast cancer is early detection, there are numerous support systems out there to promote self checks and frequent doctor visits. Involving men (boyfriends and husbands) is usually a good way of promoting breast health.

Rethink Breast Cancer released a free app, which works on both iOS and Android, called "Your Man Reminder". The app app features six "hot" guys who will pop up to remind you to give yourself some TLC (Touch, Look, Check). The app also features information on what to look for when you check yourself, as well as quick links to make doctors' appointments. The app might seem a little ridiculous but the point is it leads to greater breast health awareness and action.

Download app from iTune Click here.

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