Wednesday 19 September 2012!: Record Voice Messages In 3 Simple Steps [Web/Android/iPhone]! is a fun web, Android and iPhone app that allows you to record a voice message and share it with the world in three simple steps. The first step is to ‘Push’ the croak button on the homepage of the app. The second step requires you to ‘Speak’, while in the final step, you can share your recorded message through social media, blogs and email.

This not only defines the simplicity of use which! boasts of but it also completes the company’s slogan for the product – ‘Push.Speak.Share’.

The app developers have also provided the API for it so that people who want to share voice messages through their websites or blogs can use! effectively. There is also a bookmarklet available for the app which you can easily save to your browser’s window.


  • Records voice just by pressing one button.
  • Allows sharing through social networks, email and blogs.
  • Offers an API as well as a bookmarklet, making it extremely easy to use.

Visit! . Also get! for Android, and! for iOS.

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