Friday 28 September 2012

Nokia improves Life service with web interface

The new service called Life+ is a web based service while the Nokia Life which is a SMS based service which will continue to be available.

Nokia has launched a new version of the widely-used Nokia Life service. Unlike the SMS based Nokia Life, the new Nokia Life+ is a free web application and like the predecessor it provides information on education, health and infotainment topics to Nokia mobile phone users. Nokia Life+ is supported by the Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 smartphones alongside a wide range of Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia claims that more than 76 million people have used the original Nokia Life service that works across a range of basic and feature phones without the need for a data connection.

The new Nokia Life+ web application builds on this success by providing better web-based service through the new Nokia Xpress Browser, which is claimed to compresses Internet data up to 90 per cent, resulting in more efficient web browsing.

"People in developing economies need better access to information on the Internet that has relevance and value to their daily lives beyond entertainment. Nokia Life+ will serve as a bridge as people graduate from a primarily text-based mobile experience towards richer, web-based usage," explained Jawahar Kanjilal, vice president and global head of Nokia Life.

Nokia Life+ is now available in 18 countries which doesn't include India. It can be downloaded from Nokia Store or from the Xpress Browser. Probably, in India the service will be available once the Nokia Asha 308 and 309 becomes available, as the service debuts on these two phones as inbuilt feature. Nokia, however, has in a press release said that the local versions of Nokia Life+ will be available in India, China and Indonesia later this year, providing consumers with a more localised content.

Life+ is currently available only in English with two services 'Life Skills' and 'Live Healthy' and Nokia has promised more services in coming months. Life Skills is aimed at younger consumers, providing content on how to develop interpersonal skills, build self-confidence, acquire financial literacy and prepare for a job.

Live Healthy offers consumers and their families a range of tips and trivia touching upon nutrition, hygiene, staying fit and prevention of common illnesses.

Nokia Life+ content comes from content providers like Reader's Digest, Foundation for Social Change, FKUGM,, Cita Cinta, GADIS, Gamatechno, Sygma, Ayahbunda, Madison Research, EnableM, Sina and iMedia.

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