Thursday 27 September 2012

Brightnest: Get Tips & Suggestions For Home Maintenance

As the name of the website suggests, BrightNest is an online tool that allows people to keep a lookout for their home. BrightNest keeps a lookout on your home and ensures you save money and keep it in good shape.

The website allows users to do this by providing you with three simple, helpful features. The three features are Homefolio, Expert Tips & Tricks and Relevant Reminders.

The Homefolio is a place where you can save your entire house, and house care related manuals. This would allow you to access them in one spot and easily. It would also ensure that you never lose a copy, and always have a backup of the manuals. The Expert Tips & Tricks come from professionals giving you the tips to keep your home safe and in a fantastic condition.

You can schedule your own To-dos and BrightNest will automatically remind you when to perform the tasks. This ensures that you never forget your house – you may schedule when next to get your house painted, or get the pipes cleaned or maybe the furnace fixed.


  • Helpful for home owners in more than just one way.
  • Tips & Tricks are great for newly home owners – library of money-saving tips, cleaning and organization tricks and suggested home tasks.

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