Thursday 27 September 2012

MP3Grabber: Easily Convert Online Videos to Downloadable MP3 Audio & Other Audio Formats

There are numerous video streaming websites that offer you plenty of music videos to watch. But there are times when you will want to extract the audio from these videos and port it to your cellphone’s music library. Normally to do this people have to download the online video and then pass it through a conversion software to extract the audio. In case it is a YouTube video, you can find numerous web applications that will grab the audio from the video directly. But if your video is not on YouTube and you want to get the audio file in a wider range of file formats without downloading an application, then a web app called MP3 Grabber is what you are looking for.

MP3 Grabber is a free to use web service that extracts audio from online videos. The service supports many websites including YouTube, CollegeHumor, 5min, DailyMotion, Vimeo, NationalGeographic, IGN, EbaumsWorld, TheOnion, and many more. All you have to is specify the video’s URL in the space provided on the app’s homepage. Alternatively you can point towards a video file stored locally on your computer that you want the audio of.

The next step involves picking your audio conversion options. The app offers various file formats for the output including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, and RA. Additionally you can set the bitrate of the audio file, whether it should be a mono or stereo file, and what its sampling rate should be.

With your settings specified, the file’s conversion process begins and in the end it is made available for download. The site keeps an eye on converted files and sorts conversions in lists according to popularity and recentness.


  • A user-friendly web application.
  • Lets you convert online videos to MP3 audio.
  • Supports other audio formats as well.
  • You can specify audio bitrate, mono / stereo, and sampling rate.

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