Thursday 27 September 2012

Cuterr: Get Your Daily Dose of Cute Animal Videos

Cute animal videos always cheers up a person. Cats doing something adorable and dogs being unexpectedly cute always win the heart of a viewer. You can spend hours on YouTube searching for such videos and streaming them without getting bored as each cute thing these animals do is different from the other one.

But logging on to YouTube specifically for this purpose can have unwanted results – you will probably end up spending more time than you wanted to. Here to offer you your daily dosage of animal cuteness without taking up too much of your time is a web service called Cuterr.

Cuterr is a free to use web service that offers you videos of animals being adorable and cute. From a kitten attempting to communicate in Morse code to a dog looking suspiciously guilty, this website has all sorts of videos in which animals can be found at their cutest.

The site offers you one video daily so you are not bombarded with an abundance of such videos which will end up consuming more of your time than you want. You will want to bookmark this website and visit it daily preferably before starting work or during your work break.

Along with the video, you are given a direct URL to the Cuterr page of that particular video along with Like, Tweet, and Pin buttons.
The homepage shows a new video for each day along with the animal videos of the last five days which you can also click and view if you have some extra time.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Shows videos of animals being cute.
  • Gives you sharing links for the video.
  • Shows new video daily.
  • Has videos of last five days.

Check out Cuterr @

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