Sunday 23 September 2012

Accupix: Handy Eyedropper That Lets You Select Exact Colors [Chrome]

Do you ever need to find the exact color of a part of an image? Generally, there is no easy to do this directly from your web browser. Now, there is an awesome extension called Accupix that makes the process easier. It gives you a handy eyedropper that allows you to find the exact color and even copy the hex code directly to your clipboard.

To make it easier to use the app, you can use some keyboard shortcuts to move around. One of the most useful ones the ability move around the image with the arrow keys. This grants you a pixel by pixel level of precision. With this, you can perfectly select the color you need.


  • Eyedropper tool to select colors in Google Chrome.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to make using the app more efficient.
  • Automatically copies hex code to clipboard.
  • View the RGB location of the color.

Find Accupix on the Chrome Web Store

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