Saturday 29 September 2012

KidLogger: Monitor Activity On Your Computer Via Keystrokes & Screen Captures

If you have bought your young child a computer, it is best to monitor their computer activity and stay updated with what the computer is being used for. Here to help you thoroughly monitor what your computer is used for is a desktop app called KidLogger.

KidLogger is a desktop application compatible with Windows and Mac OS. There are also phone versions for Android and Symbian. The app monitors computer / phone activity such as key strokes thereby performing a full keylogging function. Other features include capturing the active window every few minutes and taking a screenshot of Skype video calls. You can set a password for the application and ensure only you have access to the logged data.

Usually such a thorough monitoring application comes with a hefty price tag, but KidLogger is absolutely free.


  • A user friendly desktop and phone app.
  • Has versions for Windows, Mac, Android, and Symbian.
  • Logs key strokes of device.
  • Can take timely screenshot of active window.
  • Can password protect data.

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