Sunday 23 September 2012

ProxMate: Easily View Region-Blocked Content On Hulu, YouTube & Grooveshark [Firefox & Chrome]

Have you ever run into a video or song that you cannot get access to because of the region in which you live? This can be frustrating and annoying. After all, you are not trying to pirate anything. You just want to see a piece of content that is available legally online, and you are restricted because of your location. If you run into this problem often, you should take a look at ProxMate, which is an easy way to bypass these blocks and view region specific content.

As of this writing, the only services supported by ProxMate are Hulu, YouTube and Grooveshark, but really, those are the ones where most users will have a problem. You do not need any special skills, as this an incredibly easy to use browser extension that works in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. All you need to is route the content through a proxy in a different country with the extension and you will be ready to go.

If you are a more advanced user, and you want to use it for another service, you can do that by using a custom server. This will require some skill on your part, but for users familiar with using a proxy, the process will feel familiar. The extension also offers the ability to turn it off when you do not need it. This will help save loading times for websites that are not blocked.


  • Unlock region blocked content on Hulu, Grooveshark and YouTube.
  • Easy to use browser extension.
  • Turn off extension when not needed to save loading times.
  • Set up custom server for other blocked services.

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