Thursday 20 September 2012

Pocket adds text to speech functionality

While Pocket makes reading and saving information from the internet easier, it now also reads information to users with the new text to speech functionality

Pocket, a popular information saving application for Android which was earlier known as Read it Later, has received a new update.

Pocket application allows users to save information available on the internet in the form of text, images and videos available online in simple easy to read snippets. This makes it easy to find those interesting bits of information when needed later.

With the latest upgrade, Pocket has acquired a new function that allows the application to read out text saved in the app. It comes in real handy when the user is traveling or simply does not have the time to read.

With Pocket, users can select almost any web page, video or images and can save it for future reference. The application also makes content available offline so that users do not even need an active internet connection to see the content they have saved. Also, the content is available for all linked devices so that users can save that useful article on their mobile during the day to read later on the big screens of their tablet while they relax at home.

Pocket application, which was earlier paid, has been made absolutely free for Android users. Users can get the updated application right off the Android applications store or they can also use the following link  to download it on their device.

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