Sunday 23 September 2012

Dropboxifier: Easily Transfer Apps & Folders To Dropbox

Many people use Dropbox to back up files and save application data. However, moving apps between different PCs requires the editing of a program’s configuration files. Dropboxifier makes this process easier and allows users to share saved applications and related data seamlessly between multiple computers.

Dropboxifer is software that allows users to connect multiple computers with each other and access applications and data wirelessly between the two devices. This includes saved games and application data such as the Mozilla Firefox profile folder and much more.

Dropboxifer is a great application as it allows people to move complete folders onto Dropbox and other cloud services – SkyDrive, Google Drive are supported too – and create a symbolic link that ensures the files will work fully on the other operating system.

Once you have specified a root folder that you want to move into Dropbox, specify a name and a source folder that you want to move into Dropbox or another online cloud service, follow onscreen instructions, and you are done.

You should remember that Dropboxifier is currently in the alpha stages of development and hopefully will go “Public” soon.


  • Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Driver supported.
  • Move folders into Dropbox with symbolic link.

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