Sunday 16 September 2012

Twimfeed: Image-Only Twitter Feed For The Desktop

Many consider Twitter as a microblog where anyone can share their thoughts in short sentences. But beyond that, it has also developed into a handy photo-sharing platform, and for some Twitter users, it is their only way of posting and viewing shared photos. Twimfeed is a web app that highlights this functionality. It collects tweeted images from different Twitter image hosts and posts them into one slick web feed.

Due to Twimfeed’s unrelenting focus on photos, its homepage has the same feel as an Instagram feed. You can browse through the tweeted photos of your friends and read the accompanying tweet for each photo. You can refresh your feed to fetch the latest photos, and click to zoom in on the pictures.

Twimfeed leverages Twitter’s network and its photo-sharing function to deliver a complete photo-only feed. Twimfeed is helpful for any Twitter user who just wants to look at the different pictures posted on their feed and nothing else.


  • Generate a feed of Twitter-posted images.
  • Supports Twitpic,, and Instagram.
  • Focuses on picture elements of your feed.
  • Free and no signup required.
  • Flexible layout for mobile.

Check out Twimfeed @

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