Sunday 9 September 2012

Screen Capture: Get Screenshots In Google Chrome With This App

There are a million way to capture screenshots. Screen Capture is one of the few that is available as a Chrome extension, and it is the only one I know that was developed by Google themselves. It is actually a really great piece of screen capture software. It has all kinds of options that make getting the prefect screenshot easy.

The best feature about this extension is that it is smart. You can tell it to capture only the visible parts of a page, and it will do that. You can also tell it to capture the whole page, just the visible region of the screen or you can draw the specific area you want it to capture. This gives you lots of options for gathering your important screenshots.

Of course, no screenshot software would be complete without the ability to tweak your shot. With Screen Capture you get lots of options. Once you tell the extension what region you want it to copy, it will open a new tab with the selected region. You can then tweak it and customize it many ways. You can black or blur something you want to keep hidden, add text, lines, arrows and more. All in all, this is an awesome way to get screenshots from websites.


  • Browser-based screen capture software developed by Google.
  • Smart software captures only visible objects, whole pages, visible sections of pages and drawn selection.
  • Massive amount of customization after you choose your screenshot.
  • Share your shots on Picasa, Facebook, Sina and Imgur.
  • Save and print them right from the app.

Find Screen Capture on the Chrome Web Store

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