Sunday 16 September 2012

Kinotopic: Become A Cinemagrapher With This Amazing App [Web/iPhone]

Kinotopic redefines innovation as an iPhone and web app that allows users to animate a set of cinemagraphs or kinos. Kinos are images that are taken at very small intervals when a scene is going on. When these images are combined, they give the impression of a stop-motion video.  This is the basic premise of Kinotopic which additionally allows users to share the created videos on social networks like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Although innovative, using Kinotopic is fairly simple as the process of creating cinemagraphs involves only three steps when using this app. You first need to create a static video of 3-4 seconds by using images that contain some movement. Next you select and highlight the area in which you want to show the movement. Finally, the app processes the images and creates a cinemagraph, which you can then share with your friends online.


  • Creates your own webpage to share your kinos.
  • Lets you share your kinos with whom you want by providing a private link.

Visit Kinotopic, and download the iPhone app here.

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