Thursday 13 September 2012

Juicebox: Create Stunning HTML5 Galleries For Mobile Browsers

If you are a budding web developer, it is not enough to know how to make websites for desktop browsers. As more and more users consume the web on mobile devices, people have to re-learn how to create websites that maximize the use of smaller touch-friendly screens. Of course, you can also find ready-made HTML5 scripts that can help you on-the-go.

Enter Juicebox, a powerful script that creates stunning image galleries made from HTML 5. Once you set up Juicebox on your website, you can run it as a full screen gallery, embed it on your pages, or as a smooth gallery for smartphone screens.

The galleries itself are pretty slick. The way it is implemented almost makes it feels like a native app. You can swipe through without lag and touch the nicely laid out images to view a larger version. The embeddable version is even better, allowing you to create galleries within your blog post, which is perfect if you want to create slideshow content. With proper customization, you can also transform Juicebox into a headline-style sliding gallery.

Juicebox offers a free lite version, which includes the core functionality of the app including creation of galleries through the Juicebox Builder, responsive layouts, plugin support, and easy embedding. You can also get the Pro version to remove branding, add audio support, unlimited images, and watermarking to name a few.


  • Easy to use HTML5 image gallery.
  • Extensive support for touchscreen interfaces and smartphone screens.
  • Powerful features include embedding, 3rd party plugins and more.
  • Lite and Pro versions available
  • Helps you prepare mobile-friendly images galleries

View demos here.

Check out Juicebox @

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