Wednesday 12 September 2012

Google shuts down GTalk mobile web app

Apple iOS users need to look out for alternatives after Google announces to shut down the mobile web app for Google Talk service.

Google has decided to pull a plug from the mobile web app version of its prominent Google Talk service.

"We are shutting down the mobile web app for Google Talk. For mobile users who want to continue using Google Talk, we recommend using the native Google Talk app on Android or any XMPP-compliant apps on iOS or other mobile platforms," Katherine G, a Google representative, noted on Google Chat support page.

Google Talk is one of the widely used Instant Messaging services, used by Google account holders. The Google Talk is still not available as stand-alone application for Apple iOS based devices. However, Google till now was offering the Google Talk service as a mobile web app.

Now, as the mobile web app is being shut down, Google suggests the users to look out for any XMPP open technology using apps for iOS or other mobile platforms. The company however noted that, "We are working hard on some new and exciting updates to chat in the future, so keep an eye out!"

Apple iOS and other platform owners will have to rely on apps that promise Google Talk integration like Nimbuzz, Fring, IM+, and more. However, the hint seems Google may be working on Google Talk mobile app for different platforms.

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