Wednesday 5 September 2012

Google launches free turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic info in India

Google India has finally launched the much awaited turn-by-turn voice navigation in India. The service went live in the country sometime last evening, but we are still waiting for the official announcement, which is expected any time now.

Google India had also made a video demo of service prematurely live yesterday on YouTube(originally spotted by Techwhack), which is currently private and should be made public after the official launch.

We and several other users have personally tested the service and found it perfectly working. Along with the free turn-by-turn voice navigation, company has also made the real-time traffic details available in the country. It is not sure that in how many cities, Google will be supporting the traffic service.  Apart from traffic availability in the maps, these traffic details are now also available as a part of Google Now traffic updates cards (which were first introduced in Jelly Bean) to your workplace, home or any other important place.

Originally launched on October 28, 2009, the service was initially available only for United States users, but was later launched in other countries too.


  • Add starred places for one-click access
  • One click navigation to your contacts
  • Voice input for destination
  • One click navigation for home, office
  • Traffic details

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