Tuesday 8 November 2011

Siri on other iOS devices in the works?

Siri has been by far the one stand out feature of the iPhone 4S and since its inception, jailbreakers have been trying to get the voice assistant software on other iDevices. After repeated attempts on the iPad, iPod Touch as well as iPhone 4, developers have managed to port the software on to other devices bypassing Apple servers that thwarted their attempts initially. However, due to legal issues, they have declined to share this code with the masses. According to a report by JailBreakNation, sources have informed them that Apple is apparently testing Siri on other devices other than the iPhone 4S.

The report states that the said sources have revealed that the device being tested upon was the iPhone 4 and that possibly when a future iOS update is out, one can use Siri on other iOS devices. The same source has also said that, “Apple has been restoring employees to stock software, not wanting them to use it in the public where it might be seen. Their secrecy on this also suggests that we may be seeing a release soon.”

This maybe scrapped altogether as Siri is a huge selling point for the iPhone 4S, but if it does come out, people using other iOS devices need not feel left out. As of now, Siri is still in its beta stage and the final release of it is said to be out by 2012.

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