Friday 25 November 2011

Google+ Adds Chat With People In Your Circles.

Google is relentless when it comes to adding new features to Google+. It seems like nearly every day I see something new showing up on my Google+ profile, and today is no exception. Google+ now has a chat built right in for people in your circles. Of course, they must have you in their circles as well, otherwise that would just lead to a ridiculous amount of people spamming celebrities. It’s a feature that makes sense, considering their main competitor, Facebook, has had a chat feature for a long time.

The intriguing part about this update is that it allows users who are in each others circles to chat outside of Google+. They can chat on Gmail, iGoogle, Google Talk and Orkut. This gives users a terrific way to extend the Google+ experience, even if they are not actively on the site.

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