Sunday 20 November 2011

PrivyTalks: Create & Use Encrypted Chat Rooms Instantly.

Lots of software support chatting and dozens of tools let you create web-based instant chat rooms. However, most of them are not secure enough to transfer sensitive information. PrivyTalks is a web service that lets you create chat rooms instantly with a encrypted environment. All the messages you send or receive are encrypted with an RSA key that is 512 bits long.

Once you create a secure chatroom, send that link to your partner and start talking. Both you and your partner are provided with a unique fingerprint that can be used to ensure privacy. You can clear messages or disconnect when you are done. The tool has an option to notify you with a sound when a new message arrives.


1.> Create an encrypted chat room online within a few seconds.
2.> No middle man and no sniffing makes your communication secure.
3.> Session automatically disconnects if idle for a few minutes.
4.> No registration required.

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