Monday 16 January 2012

Wanderplayer: Turns Your Smartphone Into A Game Controller.

The smartphone touchscreen interface opened up new possibilities for input controls. With a touchscreen, you can have a keyboard with different languages as easy as switching your settings. There are also apps that can turn your touchscreen into a remote control or a trackpad. But Wanderplayer is one of the first apps that allows you to turn your smartphone into a desktop game controller.

To start using Wanderplayer, you will need to download the desktop console app and connect it with your iPhone or Android app and make sure that the console app is connected to the mobile app through the same wi-fi network. Instead of applying Wanderplayer in locally installed games, Wanderplayer takes the next step by allowing users to play their favorite supported games online.

There are currently 150 games that Wanderplayer supports. Soon it will run on an AppleTV so that your iPhones and iPod touches can play and control movies in your HDTV for an immersive experience.


1.> Turn your mobile device into a game controller.
2.> Work with Apple TV.
3.> Offers multiplayer support.
4.> Available for iOS and Android.

Check out Wanderplayer from here @

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