Wednesday 25 January 2012

LyricStatus: Search & Post Song Lyrics On Facebook.

Sometimes, Facebook users make their status the same as the lyrics of the song they are currently listening to. Rather than going to Google, searching for the lyrics, copying them and then posting the status on Facebook, LyricStatus makes this job much easier.

All a person has to do is visit the LyricStatus website, and on the main page, search for the song whose lyrics you want to post on Facebook as a status. The site is kept up to date so you shouldn’t have any problem in finding any song, even if its new. All you have to do now is just highlight the part of the lyrics which you want to post as a status, and click on the small box that becomes visible, that says “Post To Facebook”.

You may also wish to add quote marks, or even put the name of the artist on the end to credit it if you want.


1.> Free to use.
2.> Makes status posting easier, as it takes less steps to accomplish the task at hand.
3.> Request lyrics, and even submit lyrics if lyrics of any song are missing.
4.> Lyric database is kept very up-to date.

Check out LyricStatus from here @

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