Saturday 28 January 2012

Sony Xperia S features anti-stain shell, fast charging.

Great looks and potent hardware weren’t enough for you, here are two more great features of Sony’s recently announced Xperia S that might help you in buying decision.

According to German website PocketPC.CH, Sony Xperia S comes with a special nano-coating which not only works as a dirt repellant but also is UV Active. Thus it reacts to sun-light and helps in removing stains from the body of the phone. If your Xperia S becomes dirty, all you have to do is put it in sun and wait for a few minutes, then wipe it and your phone will be like new. We are not sure how that works but will surely check it out once we get our hands on the phone.

Other important feature of the phone is the fast-charging capability. It gives you one hour of talk-time with just 10 minutes of charge as well as will charge your battery to 80pc in just an hour. But, after 80pc of charge, phone automatically slows charging to increase battery life. We don’t know the exact technology behind it but Xperia S is said to be coming with an advanced version of Lithium-polymer battery.

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