Tuesday 24 January 2012

Clip: An Internet Clipboard To Copy Paste Text Between Computers.

Clip is a very simple idea with a great use. We often want to transfer data from one computer to another but the only modes traditionally available are either through storage devices or emailing it to yourself and opening it on a different computer. Clip introduces a new way. It is by no means a unique functionality but it is a great feature that lets you create a temporary text area with a custom URL. Copy anything to that custom URL and then access it anywhere and from any machine.

It works like a web-based clipboard letting you save information on one computer and accessing it on another through a specific URL. You can choose your URL to be whatever you want. You can also edit the text from any machine and any time.


1.> Create text based page and access it from anywhere on the web.
2.> Choose a custom URL.
3.> No registration required.

Visit Clip from here @ www.cl1p.zxq.net

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