Friday 6 January 2012

Paragon Net Burner: Share A CD/DVD Burner With Other Computers.

If you have a netbook or a laptop that does not come with an attached CD/DVD burner then using an external CD/DVD drive is the solution when you need to burn discs. However, if your computer is connected to a network and the other PC has a CD/DVD burner then you can use Paragon Net Burner to share that with your PC.

You can mount it as a remote drive on your PC and then burn stuff from your PC to DVDs. This saves the hassle of transferring files each time you need to copy something on a compact disc.

The tool is Windows only so Macbook AIR users cannot use it. There is a free version available that is more than enough for home users. Works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines.


1.> Share CD/DVD burner with other PCs over the network.
2.> Mounts the burner as a remote drive on the recipient PC.

Check out Paragon Net Burner from here @

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