Friday 20 January 2012

Nokia starts to rollout battery fix for the Lumia 800.

Towards the latter half of December, Nokia had confirmed that there were some battery issues with a certain number of Lumia 800 handsets. At the time they promised a fix for it would come in the form of a software update that was scheduled for early 2012. Nokia appears to have made good on their promise and have started rolling out the updates in a phased manner across the next two weeks, a blog post by the Finnish brand states.

The announcement by Nokia states that the software on the Lumia 800 handsets will be updated to version 1600.2483.8106.11500 and it will offer two key features. As expected, an improved battery performance is one of these features and the other one is enhancements for Wi-fi connectivity. The post goes on to state that the update will not be pushed out to every Lumia handset immediately, instead, it will be made available for half of the handsets in the first seven days and the rest will receive the update in the following seven days.

The post goes on to state that one’s Lumia 800 handset will automatically check for updates periodically and one would receive a message on their handset when it is ready. The update will be delivered through the Zune software on a Windows system or a Windows Phone 7 Connector on a Mac. Once one receives the message, all they need to do is connect the handset to the computer using the USB cable and then through Zune, in the Application section, click Phone Settings and then Phone update to install the software. To update using a Mac, click the device name in the left-hand pane and then click install update. For more information about updating the handset, click here.

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