Sunday 1 January 2012

Classpad tablet launched, to compete with Aakash

Aakash tablet, the world's most affordable tablet, which aimed to revolutionalize education for the poor in the country, now has a competitor in Classpad, reports Business Standard. Ideated and developed by an education solutions provider, called Classteacher Learning Systems based in Delhi, Classpad is a new entrant to the segment already popularised by Aakash, and its commercial version, UbiSlate 7 tablet. However, unlike them, Classpad falls into the price bracket of Rs.7,500-Rs.14,500. The Classpad tablet will be available in the market in three variants - Classpad 7, Classpad 8 and Classpad 10.

Reports on this so far have only been suggesting that the tablet will run Android. That said, however, which version of Android will Classpad run has not been specified. Among other specifications of the Classpad tablet, it has been revealed that the tablet will feature - a touch screen with a 7-hour battery life, 1.3 Ghz processing speed and a built-in memory of 4GB, expandable to 8GB and is also Wi-Fi enabled. Classpad tablet, according to reports comes with a special feature called artificial intelligence, which will help categorize intelligence levels in students. This will not only help encourage the intelligent ones to excel further, but will also direct those who're comparatively weaker.

The report further suggests that Classteacher Learning Systems is working on two business routes, typically to make a foray into the market. First being, the trolley model, wherein, according to the report, "the device can be used on a shared model by paying Rs 100 per child." The second method's called the OTPC or one tablet per child method, wherein parents will pay for the tablet for their children.

The coming year, Classpad will be launched online, too enabling the general buyer purchase it online. Reportedly, the tablet "will provide educational solutions based on the NCERT syllabus. Students will be able to use and download 7,000 education applications on the cloud."

What do you think of the Classpad tablet? Will you put your money into it?

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