Tuesday 3 January 2012

'Ask Ziggy' Windows app, an answer to Siri?

If Apple has Siri and Android gets Iris, then Windows Phone's got Ziggy. Yes, the newest entrant into the Windows Phone marketplace is the Ask Ziggy - personal voice assistant. Windows Phone users looking for a Siri can now lay their hands on Ziggy. Personal voice assistants have been one of the most talked about feature, ever since it was announced. Google is said to be working on its voice enabled assistant and calls it the Project Majel. Recenty, Google pulled off an app from its marketplace, which was masquerading as an official Siri app for Android.

The marketplace states, “Ask Ziggy is your Personal Assistant that goes beyond Siri functionality. You can Call, Text, Email your contacts, Update Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter, Get Weather, Stock Values, Flight Statuses, Get Ziggy to do Math, or ask any question you want (i.e. Who is the tallest person?) all by speaking to your phone.”

The free app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone marketplace.

Video Source: WPCentral

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